Meridain LNG process

Technology Partner

Hoegh LNG


In August 2014 Meridian LNG entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) for the construction and operation of two or more Höegh LNG 3rd generation Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU’s). The JDA also extends to the construction or purchase of up to 4 traditional LNG transport carriers.

The JDA establishes an option for Meridian LNG to acquire 49% of any or all FSRU’s and transport carriers brought into service in the Meridian LNG network.

Meridian LNG has also agreed with Höegh LNG to the basic terms for the long term Time Charter Agreement of each vessel, ensuring a fixed cost for FSRU and carrier ship charter needs for Ports Meridian, Ambrose and/or any additional projects.

The first Meridian FSRU is anticipated for delivery in late 2020. Höegh and Meridian LNG will complete detailed engineering and the final Time Charter Agreement by mid-2016 as well as agreements for the required 2 to 3 LNG carriers for service on the Magnolia to Port Meridian (UK) trade.